Active Lab Members

Orna Elroy-Stein

Orna Elroy-Stein

Principal Investigator

Dr. Andera Atzmon

Research Assistant

Melisa Herrero

PhD student

Mika Rotem

PhD student

Shir Srour

PhD student

Reut Sharet

MSc student

Tamar Elman

MSc student

Dalia Pinchasi

Lab Technician

former Members

Gali Raini

2010-2016, PhD student
Thesis: “Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Vanishing White Matter Disease”

Medical student,
TAU Medical School

Sarah Hofmann

2013-2016, Post-doc

Yulia Kesler

2012-2015, MSc student
Thesis: “Evaluation of Guanabenz derivatives as GADD34 inhibitors”

QC analyst
CureTECH Ltd.

Ranen Aviner

2009-2014, PhD Student
Thesis: “Deciphering the mitotic translatome”

Postdoc Fellow
Raul Andino Lab, UCSF
Judith Frydman Lab, Stanford

Sima Barhoom

2008-2013, Post Doc

Product manager
Intellisiv Ltd

Yuval Cabilly

2008-2013, PhD student
Thesis: “The mouse model for Vanishing White Matter (VWM) disease reveals abnormal development of brain white matter and poor astrocyte inflammatory response”

General Partner
at Israel Biotech Fund,

Liraz Marom

2005-2007, MSc student
Thesis: “3′-Poly(A) tain and poly(A) binding protein (PABP) promote the IRES activity of Crucifier-infecting tobamovirus (CrTMV)”

2007-2012, PhD student
Thesis: “A mouse model for VWM disease reveals function- and time-specific changes in brain gene expression and displayes phenotypic recovery upon inhibition of GADD34”

Biopharma Lab Team Leader
Teva Phamaceutical Industries

Mali Barbi

2009-2011, MSc student
Thesis: “The inflamatory response of microglia cells of VWM-diseased mice harboring a point mutation in eIF2B5”

MD student
Sackler Medical School
Tel Aviv University

Shelly Hen-Avivi

2006-2009, MSc student
Thesis: “A search for factors that mediate CrTMV IRES activity”

PhD student / Department of Plant Sciences
Faculty of Biochemistry
Weizmann Inst. of Science.

Gilad Sivan

2005-2009, PhD student
Thesis: “Control of mRNA translation during mitosis: Regulation at the Elongation level”

Postdoc fellow
Bernard Moss Lab
NIAID, NIH, Maryland, USA

Michal Geva

2003-2008, PhD student
Thesis: “Generation of a Knock-In mouse model for eIF2B-related leukodystrophy”

Pharmacology Project Leader
Teva Parmaceutical Industries

Idan Pereman

2003-2005, MSc student
Thesis: “Characterization of the Poly(A)-binding protein (PABP) during the cell cycle”

Post-doc / Department of Plant Sciences
Faculty of Biochemistry
Weizmann Institute of Science

Dvir Dahary

2003-2005, MSc student
Thesis: “Natural antisense transcription represents real overlap rather than translcriptional leakage”

Co-Founder & CEO
Toldot Genetics LTD

Limor Dinur-Klein

2002-2005, MSc student
Thesis: “Translation initiation factor eIF5B: new aspects regarding activity and stability”

Clinical Project Manager
MediWound Ltd.

Liraz Kantor

2002-2006, PhD student
Thesis: “Effect of eIF2B mutations on cellular stress response – Implications of the neurodegenerative disease CACH/VWM”

Savion Diagnostics

Deborah Silvera

2000-2003, Post Doc

Research Assistant Professor
NYU School of Medicine,

Nadejda Koloteva-Levine

1998-2002, Post Doc

Lecturer in Molecular Biology
University of Kent, UK

Gabriel Gerlitz

1996-1998, MSc Student
Thesis: “Post translational modifications of hnRNP-C upon megakaryocytic differentiation”

1998-2002, PhD student
Thesis: “Activation of internal translation initiation – the possible roles of eIF2α and hnRNP-C”

Senior Lecturer
Department of Molecular
Biology, Faculty of
Natural Sciences
Ariel University

Maya Amichay

1999-2001, MSc student
Thesis: “Regulation of PDGF2 mRNA stability is mediated by 5’UTR – 3’UTR interactions”

Osnat Sella-Tavor

1993-1995, MSc Student
Thesis: “Identification of RNA-binding proteins that interact with PDGF2/c-sis mRNA leader – Implications for translational modulation during differentiation”

1995-2000, PhD student
Thesis: “Differentiation-induced internal translation of platelet-derived growth factor 2 (PDGF2/c-sis) mRNA: analysis of the cis-elements and trans-acting factors”

Dr. Osnat Sella-tavor
Biosensing Project Manager
Covidien (Israel) LTD

Dana Gelbaum

1997-1999, MSc student
Thesis: “Interaction between 5’UTR and 3’UTR affect the translatability and stability of PDGF2 mRNA”

VP BD and Supply Chain
Chiasma Pharma LTD

Orlev Levy-Nissenbaum

1996-1998, MSc Student
Thesis: “The translation of ATM mRNA during the cell cycle”

Edna Guetta

1995-1997, MSc Student
Thesis: “The role of PDGF2 3’UTR in the regulation of gene expression”

Atalia Shtorch

1993-1995, Post Doc

Dr. Atalia Shtorch-Asor
Molecular Genetics Laboratory
Meir Medical Center

Irit Shefler

1992-1994, MSc Student
Thesis: “Search for key-role elements that participate in translation initiation of mRNAs harboring
PDGF2/c-sis 5’UTR”

Laboratory of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Meir Medical Center

Einor Reichert

1991-1993, MSc Student
Thesis: “The influence of eIF4E overexpression on in-vivo translational efficiency of mRNAs bearing lengthy and structured leaders”

Senior Researcher
Head of a study group in Stroke and Dementia
The Neurology Department
Tel-Aviv Medical center